• XML Generator from Filesystem
  • XML Generator from or to Communication Server (Application SW-Integration)
  • JetDetect XML Generator from Windows Server, Hitachi HNAS, NetApp FAS (2018)
  • Backup- Replication- and ArchiveNode (FS to FS, FS to ZIP,  ZIP to S3 ObjectStore) with JetCopy FileSync Service
  • ViewingGenerator with encryption service to get multiple logical Views of the Data, based on ZIP with MetaData XML
  • ViewingNode based on ZIP-MetaData XML Container with JetView capability
  • TimeStampNode for qualified TimeStamps
  • RecoveryNode (FS to FS, ZIP to FS, S3 to FS)
  • RecoveryNode to create Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) based on XML
  • FileDelete Service based on XML to fulfill compliance for an ArchiveNode
  • Cleaning Service based on XML to shrink data for an Backup- or ReplicationNode
  • VerificationNode for Data HealthCheck
  • Monitoring Service to watch the EfficientNodes
  • WatchDog Service for ErrorHandling and Information